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How can I reserve a date?
To place an order, we can discuss a preliminary design and you will be provided a quote. To reserve the date, you need to put down a 50% deposit which will be applied to the order. Should you cancel your event, the deposit can be refunded up to 1 month prior to the reservation date, otherwise it is non-refundable but it can be applied to a future order.

Where are you located?
At this time, SweetThings is not a retail outlet. The Cake Studio is located in the Upper Beaches area of Toronto where custom cakes can be picked up and I can set up design consultations by appointment only.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we deliver for wedding cakes and larger cakes which require set-up. The delivery and set up fees start at $40+ but depends on delivery location.

Can you ship or courier your cakes?
No, we do not ship cakes.

What is involved in the design process?
For your event, you can provide your ideas, the theme, color palette, photographs and other event items. We would then talk through some of the ideas and then I would put together some design options. You can also send me photos of cakes that you have found in magazines or on the internet, and I will design one similar. As a cake designer, I feel it is unethical to copy someone else's design exactly - and I also find that there are always personalized ideas that my clients like to add in to make it "their cake"

Can I sample flavors?
Once a month, I hold cake tasting days for wedding and events. You can book a 1 hour session which includes a sampling of 3 flavors and completion of design consultation. The fee is $20, please email us to schedule an appointment.

What is a serving?
For weddings, the serving size is 1x2" as it is not the main dessert and served afterwards. For party cakes, the serving size is larger at 1.5x2" because it is usually the main dessert.

How many servings do I need for my event?
It depends on what else you may be serving at your event. If this is the main dessert that is going to be served at a wedding, then you would order large serving size and ensure there is enough cake for 100% of guests and any additional last minute attendees. For other events, if there are other desserts, you may want to get a cake that covers 70-80% of your guests as some people do not eat cake or prefer other types of desserts.

Do you use lard or shortening in your cakes or buttercreams?
No, lard or shortenings are never used in our cakes or buttercream. However, for some outdoor summer events or venues without air conditioning, I may suggest altering the recipe of buttercreams with vegetable shortening to keep its consistency. This would always be discussed with the client and only done if agreed upon.

Do you make cookies or mini cupcakes?
At this time, this is not on our regular menu. However, please email us about special orders and we will try to accommodate if we can.

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